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Art and the natural world

Regina has been privileged with huge sensibility. She has an unusually developed ability to capture the nuances of the natural world: the light that floods it, its reflecting gleams, the colours that bathe it, the sound that soothes it, the temperature it emanates, the energy it radiates …

Regina was always destined to be an artist. She has modelled clay, chiselled stone and wood, photographed the far corners of the world, decorated spaces and conjured up emotions with words, with music and with dance.

Now this jewellery collection is the latest manifestation of her artistry, authentic works of art in miniature. Treasures selected from her personal universe where the sounds of the ocean and the silence of the earth play leading roles.  

Through their shape, surface touch, materials and volume, these works of art connect us to emotion and a profound sense of self.

Gold and silver are the wrappings that cover them, while the gems are the stones that accompany these slivers of nature that are so vibrant and resounding in their silence.

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