Who is Regina Pombo?

Regina was born to create art. Her gift enables her to distinguish the nuances in the natural world and express them in poetry, photography and sculpture.

Now she has brought her artistry into the realm of artisan jewellery to fashion true works of art in miniature, treasures from her personal universe.

These pieces, in gold, silver and sometimes containing precious and semiprecious stones, are unique, exclusive jewellery, artist’s pieces fashioned using ancestral techniques that retain the vigour and reveal the feelings of the artist.

Our promise

Every work of art is unique, something exclusive that identifies the person wearing it. That is why our artist-inspired jewellery is like you, unique and exclusive. The pieces are made by hand in Spain with the master craftsmanship of the best artisans in precious metals, who use centuries-old techniques to breathe life into these stylish pieces.

Our promise to you is to use only noble materials, only artisanal techniques, only original and exclusive designs so that it is you that really shines, even more than the jewellery.

Values and philosophy

Unique pieces of jewellery, fashioned by hand using the ancestral lost wax process, used in fine jewellery-making since antiquity. They are made one by one, so each piece is unique.

Made in Spain.  

Original designs by the photographer and sculptor Regina Pombo, her first foray into the world of jewellery. Her inaugural collection, «Arena», presents pieces in silver and gold combined with precious and semiprecious stones, deeply imprinted by sculpture.

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